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happy travels

While the Royal wedding kept me pretty London based at the beginning of 2018 - I was able to spend the summer doing the part of my job I enjoy most: TRAVEL!

I feel very lucky that travel writing and film making have become part of my freelance life and the Boutique Media House brand. But if I’m honest it all started a little by chance.

Literally weeks after taking the plunge and quitting my job to set up BMH I found myself at a travel event where I’d agreed to meet a PR from the Texas travel board. However on arrival I realised there was a stand for virtually every country in the world, plus many more for individual hotels, activity companies and hospitality groups. It seemed a waste of an opportunity not to try to speak to as many as possible!

But at this stage I wasn’t entirely sure what my company was or what I was selling. But I did know one thing: I’d bought a camera and knew how to shoot films. So I wandered from stand to stand testing the appetite for travel video - and was amazed to find what seemed like a gap in the market and plenty of enthusiasm.

On top of Iceland's second highest glacier Langjokull before snowmobiling across it

But while I knew how to create these films I wasn’t sure where to place them. Which is where my next stroke of luck came in. On returning to do a few freelance shifts in the newsroom I bumped into a lady who’d always said hello to me in the lifts in our building - who just happens to be the travel editor of a national newspaper. Seizing my moment I shared my idea of shooting travel videos to accompany travel articles online - and was offered a trip to Norway on the spot! A few weeks later I was flying out to write about the capital Oslo at Christmas time, as well as shoot my first travel film: a feature on the chopping down of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, which is an annual gift from Norway.

At a picnic in Las Vegas for the annual food and wine event Uncork'd

And I’m happy to say many more trips followed on from this one. I’ve filmed on a submarine in Barbados as we ate lunch on the seabed, written luxury magazine articles from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland through to Las Vegas - and this year I started making travel films for the major European broadcaster Euronews. My most recent film was from a particularly magical trip to Lapland during the summer months, where the Midnight Sun means it never goes dark and the scenery is breathtaking.

Click on the link below to watch me explore the area… and of course meet Santa Claus!

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